Thor Chops & Kustoms

“Each customs bike & hotrods must be designed according to its owner’s personality, unique in its own right (one of its kinds in the world) using material equivalent to import quality.”

Hotrod & Customs Car

“The customers who like me know my working concept and share a common feeling. Some have come to me for more motorcycles to expand their collections.”

Thor Chops & Kustoms

“The customers who like me know my working concept and share a common feeling. Some have come to me for more motorcycles to expand their collections.”

Thor Chops & Kustoms

“Our story began with Thor, the owner of Thor Chops & Kustoms, a classic motorcycle designer who is very infatuated with motorcycles.”

Thor Chops & Kustoms

Custom-Made Motorcycle Builder and Hot Rod

Thor has been creative in motorcycle design since 1991 with long experience starting from his involvement with the vehicle during his time in the US.

He has built custom motorcycles and Hot Rod for many customers with distinction for design details and the skills of his technical team, known for paying careful attention to the details of each part. Each motorcycle is built meticulously to reflect the owner’s personality that may take comparatively a while longer to do the job.

At the present, we have a studio at Sukhumvit 62 in Bangkok to create each showpiece of custom motorcycles and hot rod for local as well as foreign enthusiasts, as follows.

  • Kustoms Bike
  • Kustoms Car

In addition, we sell custom accessories and related equipment via our website which is accessible by customs parts lovers all over the world.

“We take our time to meticulously build the vehicle with attention paid to finite details.”

Thor Chops & Kustoms designs and build custom motorcycles, custom cars covering the whole manufacturing process, starting from design consultation right up to building the complete vehicle. Each vehicle is built meticulously with refined quality and uniqueness such that its owner can claim there is no other similar bike in the world.

Our creation is based on our experience, affection and infatuation with custom motorcycles.

Our overriding concept in manufacturing each custom parts is in the design to match the personality of its owner, in telling the story, meaning, symbols and design cue that result in something special for its proud owner.

The manufacturing process is painstaking in terms of keeping with accurate details that must be functional and ergonomic for its owner i.e. in terms of riding comfort and enjoyment.

We use grade A material with equivalent standards of imported products for each motorcycle that we build, obviously, as most parts are imported from the US. Our creations result in high grade motorcycles that have received numerous awards.

We are very proud of our production team who has the necessary affection and understanding to enable Thor’s conceptual design to become a reality as envisaged. This can hardly be possible without the attention paid to details for all the customs parts.

With exceptional skills combined with the understanding of Thor’s design, each motorcycle built conforms to the designer’s intention and that of its owner. The motorcycle is charming and at the same time functional, built to international quality with safety features and riding comforts in mind.

“I am very lucky to have a team of colleagues who can build custom motorcycles & hotrod to conform to my exact design.”





“Thanks to the design quality and Thor’s conceptual thought including meticulous attention paid to the details by the production crew, we have been able to churn out ‘masterpiece’ products every year and winning various accolades.”

Thor Chops & Kustoms



35 – 37 Soi Sukhumvit 62, Phrakhanong, Bangkok 10260 Thailand

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